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Criminal Transplant Recipients

This week in Roswell, GA, a 17-year-old heart transplant recipient stole a car, robbed an old lady at gunpoint, then hit a pedestrian in the police chase before crashing the car and dying.

In 2013, the boy had appeared on national TV to ask for a new heart and a the chance to straighen out his life; he had been denied a transplant then because of a history of non-compliance–not taking medications or keeping up follow-up appointments–although the family claimed it was really because of his criminal history and poor academic performance.

While the former reasons are enough for a fair denial, the latter are also justifiable for prioritizing the potential recipients of scarce, priceless organs.

Additionally, the boy’s violence and death have likely set back his family’s cause of giving out hearts without weighing benefit to society.

If your family member’s heart had been given to this teenager to be a menace to society, how would you feel?

ModCon believes that the fear of making a poor decision with an organ has already been realized, whereas the fear of social engineering is remote.