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Why Are People Supporting Donald Trump?

Your burning question answered.  Thanks for the legwork, The Atlantic. 

  1. A vote for Trump is the first step in breaking up the two-party system. Two parties to represent 300 million people? Please … And how much damage can he really do? We still have (two) more branches of government to protect us. The risk is small––and the potential for political change is great. Do I want to make conception the beginning of life? No! Do I want another garbage pile of a bloated bill like the ACA? No! (By the way where is the affordable part of the ACA?) A vote for Trump is my vote against both parties. A Trump win is the Hope & Change that Obama promised but couldn’t deliver.
  2. Partly I just want to watch the chaos unfold if a purely ego-driven man were to experience success with a presidential run. I’m a young guy who is immature, a bit antisocial, and with no plans for kids or a wife ever. At some level, I don’t really care how things go with America as long as it’s fun to watch, like watching a basketball game when your favorite team isn’t playing.
  3. Who else has made payroll, put up with regulations, paid vendors, made customers happy enough to come back, and then paid 35 percent of his profit to an inefficient, deceptive, self-serving government?
  4. …show me someone who knows negotiation like Trump. He can take two opposing views and negotiate until everyone is happy.
  5. Many would probably question why, of all people, a decadent, rude, and pompous billionaire should be trusted to meddle with American culture? I think it comes down to a perception that America has already drowned in a post-modernist nightmare of moral relativism, from which extreme political correctness and protest culture stem. Trump, on the other hand, is all absolutes.
  6. We are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things.
  7. When he spoke about illegal immigration he made statements that many people agree with and are afraid to state.
  8. …I know he would do a pretty terrible job at this point, but I really am at the point of letting the whole thing burn down and explode. Trump would help us get there faster and more efficiently. Like the joker from The Dark Knight, I just want to see the world burn. I guess I am an anarchist in that respect. Once it’s all burnt down maybe we can have that constitutional convention we really need to fix things and get this country back on track if it still exists.