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“Amaizing” use of Predictive Analytics

Based on the developed world’s consumption of gas, and high fructose corn syrup, it should come as no surprise that 4% of US land is dedicated to growing corn.

The US Dept of Agriculture tracks corn growth monthly by state, but now, Descartes Lab will look at it weekly, down to county, via satellites, using four devices to get in tighter, and to make heat maps of infrared reflectiveness.

According to The Atlantic, “Descartes’s forecasts have also seemed to drive the national market. When it announced that the corn harvest would trail the USDA’s estimate last August, it moved the market by 3%.”

This serves as another example of how predictive analytics can and should be applied in almost any market.  Privately-funded orbital technology could be the new social media: a way to detect trends and consumer demands.

maize infra

Inside the Olympic Medical Clinic: The Global Need for Dental Care and Imaging Services

Rio’s Olympic Village clinic has been busy treating not just athletes, but their entourages as well–especially those from underdeveloped nations where first world care is hard to come by.

At halfway through the games, here was the clinic by the numbers:

-1,730 eye exams
-1,410 prescription glasses
-1,000 dental checks
-450 dental X-rays
-300 customized mouth guards

Daurio Speranzini Jr., of GE Latin America, says they will administer an MRI for athletes who have long-term, chronic pain.  Technologists have been conducting 60 MRI scans a day, in addition to X-rays and Ultrasound.  The Russian, Ukranian, and African visitors are especially in need of diagnostic imaging, as it may not be available to them back home.

And lastly–no Zika has presented.