Monthly Archives: September 2016

Debate Grades: Trump B, Clinton C, Holt D

Assessment of last night’s first general election presidential debate:

Clinton   C: Should have interrupted like Trump, because she has nothing to lose on the class front, but could gain voters by meeting his style of directness and candor.  Her mistake was playing only to her existing fans, with no effort to attract new ones.  A complacent performance.

Trump   B: Was very present, and, surprisingly, controlled the game start to finish.  Steered the topics to favorable ones, and then kept doing it because Clinton and Holt kept letting him.  Showed the skeptics what his fans see in him–the boy shouting that the emperor (federal government) has no clothes.  He believes he does not need facts and figures because general dissatisfaction with the current “management” is potent enough for many people.

Holt   D: a moderator who makes empty threats to cut someone off is worse for the order than no moderator at all.