Midterm Elections: Cocktail Party Tidbits

By now you’ve likely heard the basic takeaways from Tuesday’s election: Republicans gained a majority in the Senate, as well as picked up more House seats.

Gains are common for a minority party in a president’s second term; but below are four lesser-known facts from the 2014 contest.  Feel free to use them as conversation-starters at your next cocktail party:

1. Only one governor of each party lost incumbency.

2. Women had a great day: Elise Stefanik, age 30, of New York’s 21st will become the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress, Joni Ernst of Iowa will be the first female combat veteran to serve in the Senate, and Mia Love (UT-4) will be the first black woman from the GOP to serve in the House.  Please note, all these women are Republicans.

3. Men supported the legalization of marijuana more strongly than women–but only slightly more.

4. The new GOP House majority has not been this wide since WWII.  246 GOP seats were last held in 1947 when Pres. Truman was in office.  Republicans had a peak of 270 seats in 1929 under Pres. Herbert Hoover.

Do you think the next Congress will be better or worse than our current one? 

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