What Is A Modern Conservative?

You know who you are. You used to vote Republican for years, but lately you don’t get the same excitement as you once did. You may have even voted for Obama. To be quite honest, both sides make you feel a little uncomfortable. Liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, each is an extreme that you don’t really fit into. The deadlock in Washington disgusts you. Sometimes you contemplate moving abroad, but you love this country too much.

We feel the same way.

The time has come for Conservatism to revert to its intellectual roots. We, as a country, need to become the “City on a Hill” that our forefathers talked about. We need to earn our moral authority once again, based upon principles that work for everyone. Whether you are a at the top or the bottom, you are a Modern Conservative if you believe in:

  • Diversity of ideas
  • Pragmaticism
  • Fiscal accountability
  • Social moderation
  • Beneficent scientific progress
  • Meritocracy
  • Primacy of local politics
  • American Exceptionalism
  • Being @#$%ing Classy

If anything, or everything, on this list appeals to you, follow along on our journey. Or contribute an idea. Let’s all become the spirited, informed, and proactive American public that deserves better.