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WaPo: “Americans have seen the last four presidents as illegitimate.”

“We talk about all this with detached regret, as victims of distant politicians’ antics, when we are in fact protagonists in this tale, helping to determine the tenor of our politics. The Internet and social media have engaged millions of Americans in politics more directly than ever before, and the results haven’t been pretty.”

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Debate Grades: Trump C, Clinton A, Wallace A

This was the debate for intellectuals.

Sec. Clinton A: She was nearly flawless.  As poised as we’ve ever seen her, she had a well-thought-out answer to every question, and took every attempt made to rattle her to instead demonstrate her superior IQ.  She never flagged during her 90 minute slayage.  Also, the white jacket was bomb and the whole suit was impeccably tailored.


Trump C: He showed how little his range of points is.  Everything about America is a “disaster,” he is still sore about Bill Clinton’s NAFTA, and is victimized by women who supposedly want to be famous for having been groped by him (as Michael Che aptly said, it’s “every little girl’s dream.”)


Wallace A: Showed us how moderation is done.  For the first time in any debate this year, he actually held up his hand and said “No” to someone trying to talk out of turn. He also forced the candidates to answer the questions at hand, and addressed factual errors from past debates. This was a major credibility win for Fox News.


Debate Grades: Trump F, Clinton B, Cooper A, Raddatz B

Trump  F: Total dodge of The Video–kept dismissing it as “locker room talk,” (which would make it inoffensive to everybody?) after being given every chance to just apologize for a lapse in judgement.  Instead he talked about how ISIS is medieval in hopes of making us forget.

His pacing behind Hillary came off as menacing.

Was sarcastic and totally unfocused.  Kept referencing a time when Bernie Sanders said that Hillary had bad judgment.  Is he pursuing Sanders fans or…?

Most of his off-topic, non-answers made one think, “Yes, and?”  He was clearly grasping at straws by vaguely attacking Clinton’s friends, donors, and husband, instead of her.

Also, why are so many Republicans turning away just now?  Because the concentric circles are closing in on the WASP establishment.  “All women” (as opposed to minority ones) hits too close to home.


Clinton  B: Got smug, but was mostly sharp, studied, and intelligent.  And answered the questions.


Cooper  A: Came closest to living out all our fantasies of calling lies out on the carpet, and in a respectful way.


Raddatz  B: Had room to better escalate her language, rather than just repeat that we want to move on.




VP Debate Grades: Pence B, Kaine D, Quijano A

Assessment of Tuesday night’s VP debate:

Pence   B: Repeatedly went big picture, and thus successfully avoided defending Trump’s indefensible statements.  Cultivated an air of sanity and even-keeling.

Kaine  D: Was shamefully defensive and combative.  Blindly kept walking into Pence’s trap of attempted out-classing, going above, and “there-you-go-again” rebukes of being an old saw.

Quijano   A:  Fair, firm, kind–Quijano gracefully tisked the candidates for speaking over one another, and advocated for the viewer first and foremost.  A model performance.


Debate Grades: Trump B, Clinton C, Holt D

Assessment of last night’s first general election presidential debate:

Clinton   C: Should have interrupted like Trump, because she has nothing to lose on the class front, but could gain voters by meeting his style of directness and candor.  Her mistake was playing only to her existing fans, with no effort to attract new ones.  A complacent performance.

Trump   B: Was very present, and, surprisingly, controlled the game start to finish.  Steered the topics to favorable ones, and then kept doing it because Clinton and Holt kept letting him.  Showed the skeptics what his fans see in him–the boy shouting that the emperor (federal government) has no clothes.  He believes he does not need facts and figures because general dissatisfaction with the current “management” is potent enough for many people.

Holt   D: a moderator who makes empty threats to cut someone off is worse for the order than no moderator at all.