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Cuban Diplomacy and Fashion

Tracy Reese Spring/Summer 2014

As America warms to Cuba politically, expect fashion to be influenced, according to the New York Times.

First and foremost, there is a “forbidden island” fantasy that has been stewing underneath the surface of fashion made for warm and humid weather, especially in Florida where Cuba is so near, and expats so common.  An open Cuba sets the imagination on new paths of exploration: and florals, and white, breezy linens seem to be the attire required for this learning experience.  Cuban designers especially, who have long drawn from their culture, now feel more free to proclaim their heritage.

Perhaps even more captivating, there is a frozen-in-time aspect to Cuba; it has an isolation from globalization that is unique and refreshing.  Expect the midcentury silhouettes of long skirts, cinched waists, and strong shoulders, to go along with the light fabrics and bright colors of yore.




Women Fashion Power

This exhibit at the Design Museum in London gets powerful women, especially those in international politics, to “stand up and say, for the record and posterity, that clothes matter and require (and deserve) thought.”  The article’s author calls this stance unprecedented, and sadly she is right, at least on any scale as official as a  museum’s.

The fact that women can and do use appearance more than men to sway public opinion has been the elephant in the room for a long time, both in America and abroad.

Yet rather than rue the judgement that all women leaders are subject to, we ought to embrace and manipulate this tool  as a competitive advantage, because from shoes to hair to bags to makeup to jewelry, we women have vastly more socially acceptable means of expression than men, and it is worth the tradeoff of waking up earlier than men to get ready.

So, what do you want to tell the world tomorrow?  You don’t even have to say anything…