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Olympic Wrap-Up: Sochi 2014

So the latest Olympics wrap up yet again–this time from Sochi, Russia.

I can’t be the only person who likes the Olympics mainly for the pageantry–not the competition.  The athletes’ profiles of struggle, the lush camera shots of the host country, the opening and closing ceremonies that literally parade cultures before us.  Olympics really are the last bastion of pure culture, which is why I resent the infringement of politics.

NBC put a wet blanket on their otherwise wonderful coverage by inserting out-of-place conversations about Russia’s politics.   For instance, take the opening ceremony’s video interview with Pres. Obama.  His message was purely vanilla: go USA, we are proud of you.  Yet, the NBC hosts pressed him for views on Putin and on Russia’s laws targeting gays.  It was out of place for the viewer, but de rigueur for the journalists.

I recommend journalists resist their bosses’ insistence on creating controversy.  Is it necessary for ratings?  I don’t know, but I’d like to find out by having some pure events and seeing how they fare…

PS: A lot of (internet) ink has been spilled over decorated US skier Bode Miller’s post-race interview with NBC reporter Christin Cooper.  It was made unnecessarily painful and awkward by her pressing on about his dead brother.   I for one think she had several chances to ease off and chose not to: a direct result of our sensationalized media disease.  What did you think?