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The Tyranny of the Minorities

Introducing new contributor ExecuCon, representing American baby boomers and bringing the executive voice.  -The Modern Conservative

I may not be modern but I am conservative. Recent events have reminded me how minority factions wield undue influence over the majority. For example, a few hundred petitioners object to Condoleeza Rice as a commencement speaker, forcing her to bow out rather than cause an ugly scene. This is just the latest example but it should not come as a surprise to anyone.

The Democratic party is a coalition of minorities; African-Americans, gays, feminists, environmentalists, unionists, etc. and they mostly always vote en bloc. While they represent small segments of the general population, and as individual groups have limited clout, when they band together their influence is, pick your adjective; formidable, impressive, scary.

They stick together even when they disagree, knowing that if they want the support of every faction of the Democratic Party for their own cause, they had better go along.

Take the issue of gay marriage. Most African-Americans are vehemently opposed to it, and it was interesting to note that the negative reactions on social media following the NFL drafting an openly gay player came from African -American players already in the league. Another example is the Keystone Pipeline. Unions want the jobs, environmentalists don’t want it, period. Nevertheless, when it comes time to vote in an election, they will all be on the same page.

What can Conservatives learn from this? Does the end justify the means, getting your party into power at all costs? Or should Conservatives stick to their principles, knowing that they have done the right thing, but also knowing that they will likely never gain the political majorities needed to lead the country?