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Face the Fax

One unintended consequence of the 2009 HITECH Act: American medicine’s overreliance on fax machines, which are obsolete in most other industries.  “Obama officials believed competing health systems would volunteer to share patient data. They now admit that was naive.”

Electronic medical record vendors also have incentive to not interface with other vendors’ products.

So where do we go from here?  If financial incentives were needed to make hospitals digital in the first place, it stands to reason that a government push will also be needed to get those digital systems talking.

Brother IntelliFAX High-Speed Laser Fax Machine (2840)

WaPo: “Americans have seen the last four presidents as illegitimate.”

“We talk about all this with detached regret, as victims of distant politicians’ antics, when we are in fact protagonists in this tale, helping to determine the tenor of our politics. The Internet and social media have engaged millions of Americans in politics more directly than ever before, and the results haven’t been pretty.”

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Meditations on Crisis Management


Bloomberg has a fabulous article out about Obama’s travails at “Crisis Management.”  As an executive known for her execution skills, Lady In Red would like to give Pres. Obama some much-too-late advice on dealing with the unexpected:

1. People rarely make decisions NOT based on emotion.  Obama often fails to acknowledge and work around this.  People need narratives to survive.

2. Time and study are luxuries you cannot afford in a crisis, no matter how rich you are or how much help you have.  That’s why you went to school before beginning your career.  Now you are a professional, and your mind should be a minuteman sleeping with his boots on.  You should have a solid idea of your values already, and how you will prioritize and act when those values inevitably collide.   Summits and workgroups during a public health pandemic of fear?  Ain’t nobody got time for that.

4. Fake it til you make it–it being attitude.  Leaders set the tone.  Act how you want other people to act, even if you personally don’t feel up to it.  You are doing yourself a favor down the line.  Everything you do and say publicly can and should serve a purpose and be moving people toward your goal, and that endgame will feel better than any minor annoyance you feel now.

What recommendations do you have for Obama as we enter the home stretch of his presidency?