Our Vision

Iron sharpens iron, friends.

Let’s face it, the conservative movement is dull. In fact, politics in general has become the butterknife of our society. You know where good ideas go to die? Politics. And unfortunately being a conservative is lumped in with that.

We created The Modern Conservative to be a forum for other like-minded individuals that feel disenfranchised by the current ideas being brought forth in the political arena. We are trying to bring conservatism back to its intellectual roots by elevating the conservative discourse. Too frequently, the conservative message is hijacked to create talking points in the interest of short-term gains. We don’t believe that this speaks to the majority of people here in America nor in the world. We intend to change that tendency.

Here at ModCon, expect to find a true democracy of ideas, whether it be social, political, or fantasy. Anyone can contribute, and if our editorial board believes that your idea is awesome enough we will post it. Like the Federalist Papers, let’s all help in making this country better through diversity of thought and reason.

We want to let all you beautiful human beings out there know that if you think that you’re too badass for either end of the political spectrum, you have a home here. ┬áBring us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free. We are arms dealers in the war of ideas, equipping friends with the weapon of truth.

Welcome to The Modern Conservative.