Women and Large Political Donations

Women are severely lagging behind their wealth when it comes to giving political contributions, according to Politico.


This gap between wealthy women their wealthy male counterparts is attributed to a lack of candidates addressing problems for women beyond “women’s issues” like abortion or wage disparity or health research of common female diseases–problems like economic performance or climate change that many women, wealthy or not, are concerned with too. Also, women do not want to be held in a separate sphere from other large donors, or to attend smaller events like women’s teas.

Lastly, women have different values from men when it comes to deciding who to contribute to. “Women often appreciate a relationship. They appreciate knowing where their money is going, where it is going to be used, so they can feel good about their investment,” said Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY).

This concept of tailor messaging  is obviously not unheard of in politics, but it needs to become more developed and widespread for women to rise to the fore of donorship. The politicians who grasp this will succeed in the money game, which is so very correlated with the election game. As women become more common in business leadership and entrepreneurship, it’s a worthy endeavor for almost any candidate.

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